Revolutionizing global Shale gas supply chain through security, profitability gained from Blockchain adoption

GasBlock is a compound word of GAS and Blockchain. Representing the goal of business maximizing the efficiency, profitability and security of Shale Gas abstraction, marketing and circulation by adopting blockchain to the whole process of it.


Goals of GasBlock projects


Accurate economic assessment of economic feasibility
of Candidate gas abstraction posts


Efficient management, assessment of efficiency
and safety of whole process of gas abstraction


Enhancement of economic feasibility of products
and removal of safety threatening factors


Maximizing margin through efficient analysis for cost
and estimate of global retailing prices

How Blockchain was used?

Transparency and efficiency of blockchain enables
the revolutionary Gas abstracting business

Main Ethereum solution, ERC20 solution with a proven track record
of safety, security, transparency and cost effectiveness
through billion times of global transaction was adopted

Shale gas abstraction tolerates 0 error from safety management.
Abstraction also tolerates 0 error for assessing economic feasibility.

All of them have a room for a break through
improvement by adoption of Blockchain


Participants of GasBlock economy are acquiring the optimized
profit and business security

An entity assessing the economic feasibility of candidate gas abstracting spots

Gas abstracting and mining specialized companies and equipment supliers

large scale abstraction, refinement and merchandizing companies and factories

Global supplier and marketing companies specialized in Shale Gas distribution

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Token Allocations and budget spending plan

Coin Name



Total Supply

  • coin sale 20%
  • global leggal 20%
  • cost for pre-assessment for economic feasibility
    for candidate absracting sites 20%
  • Building of DB for platform structuring 15%
  • license purchase of global economic information 20%
  • Business operations 5%

GasBlock Roadmap


Q3 Establishment of GasBlock

Q4 commencement of prototype designing based on north American shale gas abstracting sites


Q1 Basic desing of platform

Q2 standardizing assessment criteria for a new abstracting sites development

Q3 launching web 3 wallet featuring transaction and custody, and listing at global exchange

Q4 commencement of market research for advancement of ERP software


Q1 Expand listings to Asian and north American exchanges

Q2 Completion of desining for advanced platform

Q3 Additional standardization of criteria for shale gas danger assessment

Q4 Expanding listings to large north American exchanges

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